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Dare La La La/ Shakira

Shakira La la la la la, la la la la la La la la la la la... I dare you Leggo, leggo, leggo, leggo やれるもんならやってみてよ ほら Feel how the planet's become one Beats like a drum to the same rhythm Hear the whistle, kick the ball The entire world soars like an eagle 世界が一つになるのを感じるわ 同じリズムを刻むドラムのように ホイッスルが鳴り ボールを蹴る 全世界が...

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This Is Why/ Late Night Alumni

This Is Why Late Night Alumni Ever since I remember I've held it in, held it all Somehow I felt comfotable Behind my wall, behind it all 物心ついてからずっと 私はそれを抱えてきたの 全部抱えてきたの なんとなく心地よいとさえ感じてたいたわ 自分の壁の後ろに 全部隠して This is why I don't cry, this is why I don't cry Tears they only compromise Things I need to visualize This ...

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A Moment Of Peace/ Gregorian & Sarah Brightman

Gregorian & Sarah Brightman Come now, come by our side A place where you can hide We are the sunshine Rest your Soul here And you'll find We are the energy We give the world to thee Hold up your heart now We will ease pain from your brow さあ来たれ 我らが側へ 汝の隠れ家 我々は太陽の光 ここで魂を癒したまえ 汝は気づくであろう 我々は命の源であると 汝に世界を与えよう 精...

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