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The Wedding/ Diary Of Dreams

You follow the path that you meant to avoid A matter of time till an echo unfolds What the next step might bring? You take a look back While your heartbeat is raging to this song you sing 逃れたい運命への道を進む やがて残響が辺りを覆うだろう 次はどんな一歩が待ち構えるんだろう お前は少し後ろを振り返る 自らが唄う歌にお前の鼓動が激しく脈打つ When silence evolves into a deafening noise ...

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She And Her Darkness/ Diary Of Dreams

My heart weights minimum a tone An army's feet pounding on my head Maybe I'll wake up one day to notice That all my life was just a dream 心臓はもうほとんど音を立てない 頭の中では軍隊が行進を続ける たぶん目覚めたら気づくんだろう 私の人生は全て夢だったんだと And maybe I'll be better off without you You left me here with all my thoughts I'd write a zillion words or walk a million mil...

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