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Over My Head/ Sum 41

Sum 41 What happened to you You've played the victim for so long now in this game What I thought was true It's made of fiction and I'm following the same お前に何が起こったんだ? このゲームでずっと犠牲者を演じてる 俺の考えは正しかったな 全ては虚構だ そして俺も同じ道を辿ってる But if I try To make sense of this mess I'm in I'm not sure where I should begin I'm falling, I'm fa...

Still Waiting/ Sum 41

Still Waiting Sum 41 So am I still waiting For this world to stop hating Can't find a good reason Can't find hope to believe in だから俺は待ち続けてる この世界が憎しみ合うのを止めるまで まともな理由なんて見つからない 信じられる希望なんて見つからない Drop dead a bullet to my head Your words are like a gun in hand You can't change the state of the nation We just...