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Rollin'/ Limp Bizkit

Rollin' Limp Bizkit Stephen Dorff: Where's a valet? 係員どこ? Ben Stiller: Hey, hey yo, yo red cap. Do me a favor. Watch it for me. おい おい赤いキャップのお前 頼むぞ これ見ててくれ Stephen: Don't scratch it. 引っ掻くんじゃねぇぞ Alright, partner. Keep on rollin' baby. You know what time is it. よし相棒 やってやろうぜ 今が何の時間かわかってるよな? ...

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Take A Look Around/ Limp Bizkit

Take A Look Around Limp Bizkit ***************************** X: Mr.Durst? ダースト? Durst: Yeah? ああ X: We'll need your help. 助けが必要だ Putting into the diner about nation before top secret agents. トップシークレットのエージェントよりも先に食堂に潜入したまえ One of them is carrying a briefcase. 彼らの一人がブリーフケースを持っている Your mission is to obtain the d...

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My Way/ Limp Bizkit

My Way Limp Bizkit Check, check, check, check…check out my melody Check, check, check, check…check out my melody まあ俺のメロディーを聴け Special You think you're special you do I can see it in your eyes I can see it when you laugh at me Look down on me you walk around on me Just one more fight about your leadership And I will straight up leave your shit Cause I've ...

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