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This Is Why/ Late Night Alumni

This Is Why Late Night Alumni Ever since I remember I've held it in, held it all Somehow I felt comfotable Behind my wall, behind it all 物心ついてからずっと 私はそれを抱えてきたの 全部抱えてきたの なんとなく心地よいとさえ感じてたいたわ 自分の壁の後ろに 全部隠して This is why I don't cry, this is why I don't cry Tears they only compromise Things I need to visualize This ...

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What's In A Name/ Late Night Alumni

What's In A Name Late Night Alumni What's in a name, what's in my sleepy eyes half the time? If you would have asked how I was, I'd have said I'm just fine I know it's best if I move on, let you swim in the wake of this song If I could've seen to this end, I'd do all over again 名前が何だって言うの? 私がいつも眠たそうだからって何だって言うの? 君が私に...

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Empty Streets/ Late Night Almuni

It is strictly prohibited to reproduce all images and source code on this blog. (c) Akira Late Night Almuni The city feels clean this time of night Just empty streets and me walking home to clear my head I know it came as no surprise I'm affected more than I had guessed on what was said 夜更けの街は閑散として 誰もいない通りで一人頭の中を整理するため家路を辿ってるわ 別になん...

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Rainy Days/ Late night almuni

Rainy Days Late Night Almuni The day is cold The day is cold and dark and dreary And it rains And the wind is never weary 冷たい日 冷たく暗く侘しい一日 雨が降る 飽くことなく吹きすさぶ風 Ivy still clings to the wall At every gust the dead leaves fall And the day is dark And the day is dark and dreary アイビーは壁に絡まり 突風のたびその葉を揺らす 暗い日 暗く侘しい一...

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