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If Only She Knew Voodoo Like I Do/ Get Scared

I'm so nervous it shake the fingertips that are Coursing through your hair With those lovely lips that are made to kiss Oh, you put me in a spin You've got a body of a goddess You've got the moves that make me sweat You've got a voice that makes me breathless 僕はとっても緊張してる 君の髪で滑らせる指先が震えるほどだ その可愛らしい唇は接吻のためのもの あぁ 君は僕の眩暈を誘う 神のごとき...

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Built For Blame/ Get Scared

Get scared Eyes can only see what they want When they're open minded to the thought Of getting hurt again beating to the bone With the thought of all your worst events You said, 'just look. Don't touch.' Oh, you think you know It's exactly what you want for love Love Your heart without a key and just a lock to bleed This wreck you've made it's all you'll need 瞳には見たいものし...

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